Dear Little One

Dear Little One

It's times like these that stop us in our tracks. Even when you have one trying to eat your hair and chasing the 2 year old down to see what he is getting into.
They make us appreciate the little things in life and make us slow down.
Sometimes fear grips me of what the future holds with everything going on. Sometimes when I wake up to feed Cruz in the middle of the night I wake up and say to myself "this is all a dream, you watch too many movies and tv shows". But it's not.

Since I am home more during this time of distancing I'm getting things done like:
-Putting Nash on a schedule since he is out of his little school program. He thrives on structure...and we both need it.
-Laundry (is that ever really done though?!)
-Organizing the closets, pictures and my computer desktop (omg, that's a mess and a half)
-Playing with the kiddos more and more
-Gathering items for Nash and Cruz's keep sake bins.

That last one that stopped me. The keep sake bins. Nash has one already started. Cruz is the second child so let's be honest...his is currently a mound in the closet!

What we are going through right now is a time that, hopefully, we will never have to go through again, as well as our children and their children and so on. 
Questions started to flood my mind: "How will I tell them about this when they are older?" "What will I remember from it?" "What do I want them to know about how I felt about the pandemic?"
So, what better thing to do right now then to write it down for them! It will be something that they can dig out in years to come and read to their kids and grand kids. 
How many rolls of toilet paper did mom really buy? What did we do while we stayed home? Did we get to help anyone out? Did mom have any fear and if so how did she work through that. 
We are living through history right now so let's write it down for them.

Below are my templates I created for my letter. Feel free to download them for your letters to your littles!

A Letter To My Son During Covid-19
A Letter To My Daughter During Covid-19


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