We're so glad you're here and want to learn more about us!

Get To Know Us: Velvet Fawn is a private label created by owner, Chloe Hall. Chloe began Velvet Fawn almost 5 years ago in 2019. As a new mom, Chloe began Velvet Fawn with a few pajamas that sold out quickly. What started from her garage and many sleepless nights quickly turned into a thriving business that has exceeded hopes and dreams. Now with a private showroom in Dallas Market Center, a fulfillment center team and employees Velvet Fawn has grown from one brand to three! Every design and piece is designed by Chloe. We want our pieces to be a part of precious and joyful memories that children give us that last a lifetime.

Meet Chloe, Velvet Fawn Owner + Designer: Chloe is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and owner of Velvet Fawn, Buck Brothers and Lil Lagniappe. Chloe and her husband, Chris, got married in 2013, had their first son in 2017, and brought their second son home in 2019! As a busy new mom Chloe launched Velvet Fawn as a creative outlet for what she loved! She studied fashion in New York at Parsons School of Design in 2007.

About the VF brand: The steel VF brand was made by Chloe's father. He got ill and passed away suddenly in December 2021. Her father made the Velvet Fawn sign that hangs in the Dallas Market Center showroom. He was making this steel brand as a Christmas present for her before his passing. Her mother presented it to her on Christmas morning just as he would have wanted. It is now the brand logo. Chloe's mother and father have always been supportive of her following her dreams (all of them)! Her mother works with her closely as the wholesale account manager.